Dentists in San Pedro Sula (Cortés, Honduras)

We specialize in orthodontics , implants and general dentistry to serve your health.


We specialize in orthodontics , implants and general dentistry to serve your health.
Barrio Guamilito 7 calle, 7 y 8 avenida N.O, San Pedro Sula Honduras. - Cortés - Honduras

Dental Salud

Specialists in dental health and cosmetic dentistry.
- San Pedro Sula - Cortés - Honduras

Dental clinics in San Pedro Sula
We specialize in caring smile of his family, performing the following treatments; seals (caps), extractions, cleanings, whitening, crowns, orthodontics, dentures and bridges. ...

Dental implants in Cortés
Lab-Dental Aesthetic prosthetics, crowns and implant bridge, materials from leading brands, Vita, Ivoclar, Ceramc. We are professionals. Prosthodontists University. Specialty fixed prosthesis. ...

Clinica Orto-Integrada

We provide comprehensive dental services in a completely personalized, committed to the oral health of your entire family!
Doctors who specialize in different areas of the oral health completely updated! More...
Bo. Los Andes 12 calle 10 y 11 ave. Edificio CMU segunda planta local no 8 - San Pedro Sula - Cortés - Honduras

Clinica Odontologica Bueso II

We are a company dedicated to providing general dental services as fillings, caps on teeth, dental cleanings, whitening, etc. Also specialized services such as orthodontics and implantology affordable.
Barrio Guamilito, 2 calle, 6ta y 7ma avenida. - San Pedro Sula - Cortés - Honduras

Clínica Dental Especializada

-Computerized Dental Diagnosis.

Digital X-ray.

Ultrasound-teeth cleaned.

-Aesthetic fillings.

-Laser Teeth Whitening.

-Dental Implants.

Wisdom Teeth-surgery.

-Oral Surgery Minor.

Dental Extraction.

-Endodontics (Root Canal).


Dentures-of all kinds.

-Porcelain crowns.

-Orthodontics (Braces).

Bo. Los Andes, 10 y 11 Ave, 12 cll, Edificio C.M.U. Local No.12 - San Pedro Sula - Cortés - Honduras

Smile design in Cortés
We design a smile young, fresh and natural, giving you greater security for its development in the professional, family and society. ...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en San Pedro Sula -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en San Pedro Sula. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Clinica Dental y Ortodoncia Orto´s Dent

It is a clinic with customized attention, taken care of by specialistic doctors odontologists in ortodoncia, endodoncia, periodoncia, cosmetic dental, etc. Our better publicity is our patient contentments with the More...
Col. El Roble, 2da entrada, a una cuadra del Blvd del Norte, Salida a Puerto Cortes, San Pedro Sula, Honduras - Cortés - Honduras
Rpte: Dra. Lorena Mayen

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